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We might not be the sexiest but let’s not prove them that we are the most foolish by researching before sharing anything.

Like all self-professed armchair philosophers, I spend far too much time badgering people to debate with me on things that matter: ‘Who will be the next leader of the free world? ’ ‘Where do I have to go to find some of the world’s sexiest men?

What people don’t know is that the only entrant from Pakistan’s side was not Fawad Khan or Shaan, or Hamza Ali Abbasi, it was Zayn Malik, the 22 year old born and grown in Bradford UK.

People voted for Zayn Malik, who doesn’t have any connection with Pakistan except for the fact that his father is from Pakistan.

People were given multiple options to choose from, to vote for the sexiest nationalities.

To Pakistanis everywhere, I say: Yes, we live in bad times, but isn’t it times like these in which a nation and its people need fortifying the most? The list below is my personal opinion and therefore just a soliloquy.

And so, to verify the accuracy of Pakistan’s first positive ranking in forever, I have carefully curated a list of Pakistan’s sexiest men. Currently the new pin-up boy of Bollywood, Fawad Khan has been charming Pakistanis for many years, as evidenced by a clearly insane base of Pakistani female fans, ranging from ages 2 to 70.

Winning all sorts of awards, signing the hottest B-wood movies, and refusing to do not-so- A quick Google search of the phrase ‘Zayn Malik’s hair’ (yes, I have a lot of free time) yields over 10 million results.

The trailer for Project Ghazi is full of suspense, as it follows the stories of a few soldiers, who were handpicked for the project ‘Ghazi’.

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Although, she is new actress in Pakistani media but she earned a respectable career in fashion industry. EARLY LIFE: This British Pakistani was born in London in UK, 1993. She started her career as a model in Pakistani fashion industry.

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