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I find myself dating less and less these days because I am always being cheated on or dumped and I don’t understand it. Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. BLAH: Okay, you don’t do manicures, you don’t do pedicures, you don’t get your hair done, you don’t ask for anything so what exactly is that you do like to do? If it sounds like I’m calling you boring, then you’re catching on. This is how you make stories that will keep you talking waaaay past the eight month mark. Something else I noticed in your letter is that you say this happens every “six or eight months” which is pretty specific time frame for a generalization.

Things will be going along very well for about six to eight months and then “wham! Then all the red flags (no calls, less frequent visits, holidays alone) start showing up. The same thing goes for dating the same guy over and over. Think about it; if you wouldn’t date someone like you, can you really expect anyone else to want to? Go get your nails, toes and hair done, even if it’s just once in a while, then put on something sexy and him. That makes me wonder if maybe it isn’t the guys who are changing at that mile marker, maybe it’s you. A woman who has her own is wonderful, but we still need to kill the spiders, unclog the sink, and open the pickle jar.

I can truly reach in and clear all of these issues/memories out of your aura within a healing session or two.

However, everyone in the world should have an aura cleansing/chakra balancing, and if you do this with me, I will teach you to do it yourself every day.

So, please eliminate this notion that the bad guys are attracted to you specifically.

So every guy you get involved with ends up cheating, being non-committal, dropping off the face of the planet, making a terrible boyfriend or in one way or another, being a douchebag.

And you’re beginning to think that you—your particular personality, or maybe the way you look—attracts douchebags. Honestly, a “douchebag” could be a great guy in every other capacity of his life, besides as a boyfriend.

Why do I keep dating someone like my Father or Mother?

When we first start dating, we usually attract a partner that has the same issues that have gone unanswered about why our most dysfunctional parent was the way they were when we were young.

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In my own study of over 400 women, 39 percent admitted to physically cheating on their husbands. Eighty-eight percent of cheaters said the mistress was not better looking or in better shape than their wives. Most cheating occurs after he’s formed some close friendship with the woman with whom he will eventually cheat.

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