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Most of us are taught that Buddha was born around 560 to 550 B. However, once we start doing some research, we find evidence that this date may be too late. But we are not bothered by this relative chronology based on the date of Ashoka cornation.

Let us see the Traditional Theories at arriving date of Buddha.

The sources used in constructing this timeline (indicated by braces and listed at the end of this document) often assumed different dates for the Buddha's nativity.

For this reason, I have occasionally had to interpolate in order to fit events (particularly the early ones) onto a reasonably consistent timeline.

For a general introduction to Theravada Buddhism, please see "What is Theravada Buddhism? While meditating under the Bo tree in the forest at Gaya (now Bodhgaya, India) during the full-moon night of May, the Bodhisatta becomes the Buddha (age 36).

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While we could begin with discussions of modern-day theory and practice, my preference is to begin with the original texts, at least insofar as we can get a handle on them.

Although they may eventually lead us astray, at least it’s worthwhile to have them under our belts. In the first, called “stream entry”, one was guaranteed that one would have at most seven more lives and would never be reborn in a station lower than human.

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