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I created an RSS feed from an XML file and hosted it on my company's site. (Just giving my 2nd set of eyes to your problem sorry if I'm asking crazy questions.). I added new feed items (nodes into the XML file) from a C# application and I see them populate when I check the feed directly in a web browser. note the low follower counts for most of your tags. Tracking down where the caching is happening is a different story. I tried checking the XML file link on a laptop not on our company's network, and I see the same file - so it seems to be up to date even if you're not on the network and you access the file directly. The actual content of "" will be automatically refreshed (just open it in the browser over a couple of days and you'll see).After an outage or incident they will once again be empty until the next issue crops up.If you want to take a look at past issues with any of the Azure services just visit the Azure Status Portal History page.

(You cannot use Website Builder itself to create or publish a blog.) This feature uses an API (application program interface) that Google stopped supporting in late 2015.

The feed content will be displayed in your browser window: Enjoy!

Have you ever noticed that Microsoft Outlook uses the feeds from your IE7 or IE8 common feed list?

Now that you’ve disabled the Sync feature, you can delete all of the feeds from under the RSS Feeds folder.

You’ll probably want to also empty your Deleted Items folder after removing the feeds.

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